Mexico and Her Prettiest Secrets

I have been enchanted by her, Mexico.  She holds many secrets.  During the deepest days of winter, my husband and I travel to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to pry some of these prettiest secrets from her. We fly in to Mexico’s Cancun International Airport.  Its mayhem this airport, on your way out, don’t ever trust the […]

A Queen’s Promise

  A Queen’s Promise All of life is a stage, MY stage. I am not a hopeless player reading a script. I claim the leading role in my own life. Life is not being done to me. Life is my stage for playing out the greatest moments I can muster. Life is the place of […]

Riding Solo

My Daring Quest for Fresh Single Track and Perspective: Rocky Mountain Bike Adventure, July 2017   I was craving this adventure.  I was ready to explore new, challenge myself, and my biking skills.  I wanted this ever since I received my first MTBParks pass.  Looking at the long list of parks across the nation I […]