Destination Day Hike @ 12K

If you seek out the mining artifacts of Colorado and enjoy high altitude trails… this is your hike!  The San Juans are some of the gnarliest mountains, be sure you have a good 4WD set up if you’re heading into these steeps.  There are 3 outstanding mining ruins on San Juans County Road 3B, that’s where the gold (well Silver actually) is my friend: Buffalo Boy Tram House at the top/dead end, the Old Hundred Boarding House, and the Gary Owen Mine site.  This 3B “road” begins at the trailhead of Stony Pass.  To hike out to the Old Hundred Boarding House, plan on all day, and get an early start.  First, its not a long trail, 3-4 miles until the descent, but hiking it is slow go.  Second, there is no trailhead signage of any sort but there is a starting point immediately off the “road”, it is close to a small-large river crossing, depending on when you arrive.  You quickly ascend to 12,000 feet and keep on a tiny goat trail that hugs the top of the mountain peaks, so look up… keep looking up… and you can follow the trail to where it begins off the “road”.  There is no trail into Old Hundred Boarding House from off your main “goat trail”, so press that adrenaline button and get your scramble through the scree on.  Plan on an hour to descend into camp, you drop straight down, about 750 feet in elevation.  This trip will prompt your brain to wander onto thoughts of the old mining days, you are left wondering how people survived and thrived and left their mark on the San Juans.  Colorado at its finest, today and of the yester-years!

2015-07-04 13.18.032015-07-04 14.01.00-12015-07-04 14.15.182015-07-04 14.43.222015-07-04 14.45.532015-07-04 15.01.032015-07-04 15.02.342015-07-04 15.03.502015-07-04 15.06.432015-07-04 15.07.46

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