A Queen’s Promise


A Queen’s Promise

All of life is a stage, MY stage.
I am not a hopeless player reading a script.
I claim the leading role in my own life.
Life is not being done to me.
Life is my stage for playing out the greatest moments I can muster.
Life is the place of tragedy, ugly, sadness.
I will not accept a story plot of drama and dysfunction.
Pointing fingers at others,
Running away from my grief,
Making others hurt because of my hurt.
I will not reject the frightening gift that pain brings to my story.
I will lean into crazy, uncomfortable, ugly.
Tragedy is the birth of my greatest successes and growth.
My role I claim, A Queen.
Navigating tragedy and uncertainty with Grace and Love.
Rising up, embracing a new play, Intentional Living.
Life will relieve us all of our roles soon enough.
I straighten my crown and create a life.
All the moments used up and exhausted.
When my play ends, the closing act will read: I am proud of the Queen who got myself here.


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