Columbine… Turning Back Time in a Colorado Mining Cabin


Its a thought provoking and demanding stay in a place where you question if you have taken a time machine to arrive at.  Your Columbine cabin may, but most likely will not have a bathroom.  There is a shared bath house for the community to use nowadays.  The walk to the restroom at the midnight hour is an adventure.  The crisp air that takes your breath away… or maybe its the stars that burn so bright in the wide open black above.  I have had a first in these cabins – cooking on a pot-belly stove, in a cast iron pan, regulating my fire to cook bacon to perfection.  Snuggling in bed is romantic and also a blissful technique to stay warm as the cabin cools off from the last fire stoking and the soft light from the morning’s arrival starts to seep into the windows.  I made a couple of trips to the wood shed to fetch more pieces to warm the big cabin; I am short, but the shed demanded a crouching to navigate.  The curvy beauty that heated our cabin was intricate and adorned and weathered the test of time, obviously well loved in her lifetime.  She made incredible heat, a 3 foot perimeter around her was a welcomed warm hug and the room would be at a happy temperature in less than 30 minutes.

The cabin leads you to wonderment, of how life was experienced when these logs were stacked into place.  Acquiring food, cooking, illumination, staying warm, staying alive… these must have been on the daily to do lists of this cabin inhabitants.  You step back in time and wonder what feet fell on these floors before me.  A wonderful, unique experience I will cherish.  I appreciate that these cabins have been preserved and that I have access to them.  Be prepared for time to slow down and your mind wander if you are lucky enough to visit Columbine.


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