Destination Day Hike @ 12K

If you seek out the mining artifacts of Colorado and enjoy high altitude trails… this is your hike!  The San Juans are some of the gnarliest mountains, be sure you have a good 4WD set up if you’re heading into these steeps.  There are 3 outstanding mining ruins on San Juans County Road 3B, that’s where the […]

Stuntin in Spain… Bikes & Boards

Video: Street Skating in Barca June 24, 2015 Just returned state side after stunting my way through Spain… what a spectacular vacation! If you skate street you know that Barcalona is your mecca, calling you home. It is built up to be Neverland for boarders, and I am here to testify, it delivered nothing less. […]

Adrenaline Junkies

Adrenaline Junkies. Carefully selecting where to ride that day.  Loading all the gear and toys into the jeep.  Crank up the tunes, finding something to match the anxious anticipation of pre-ride.  Gear up, putting on the pads.  Helmet and goggles.  Starting to hear your breathing, starting to be focused on the moment.  Shredding.  Studying.  Try […]